Dipping your toe into the online gaming world is fun and exciting, but can be a little overwhelming. There are pokies, table games, live casino and all the variations. Can get a bit confusing, not just the games but the bonuses, how to play and how to join; check out online-casino-newzealand to find your way around all that is on offer at an online casino.

What Are Pokies?

Pokies are online slot machines, now we are not talking about the cherry and bell fruit machines, although you can find some retro style slots. No, slots today have, like the world of technology, exploded. Take a look at https://www.cheatcodesemporium.com/ to view some of the playing options. Immersive, interactive and genre-led video slots engage, delight, and offer substantial payouts, some even millionaire makers!

Pokies can offer excellent entertainment and software providers are ensuring their pokies are mobile-friendly and playable on any device. Packed full of bonuses, special features even mini-games, all with superb HD graphics and excellent soundtracks. No wonder today's video slots are trending! Most video slots are 5-reels or more, but you will also find the classic 3-reel slots still being produced by big-name providers.

What Is A Table Game At An Online Casino?

A table game is a generic term that distinguishes slots from games such as Roulette, Blackjack or Poker. In an online casino, these digital games, from different software providers, are very realistic mirroring the real tables minus the dealer. One of the differences between table games and pokies is the level of skill and strategy needed to play effectively, like with Poker.

Games such as Video Poker, Blackjack and Baccarat have been around for ages, but we are starting to see more exciting variations like European Blackjack or Spanish Blackjack. Take Poker, from Texas Hold'em to Red Dog or Pai Kow Poker the options are endless. Then we see 'guessing' games like Keno and Sic Bo, the first a card game, the second an intriguing dice game attracting online players.

What Is Live Casino Play?

Playing Live casino is the ultimate online casino experience, the thrill and excitement of real money play, in real-time, with real dealers. Due to technological advances, you can enter a live casino atmosphere from your smartphone, tablet or PC and play your favourite game table. Interact through chat, with the dealers and other players, even take advantage of the Bet behind options if your favourite table is full.

At a live casino, you will find a range of live table games from Roulette to Poker and their numerous variations. Some of these are streamed live from specially designed studios, others from land-based casino floors, immersing you in the authentic atmosphere. Another advantage of online live casino is that you get availability on games you will not find in a land casino like immersive Roulette and Baccarat Squeeze.

How Do You Choose?

Picking the right game is about choice, first off, what do you want to play? Enjoy a fun hour with some slots, then maybe head over to the intensity of the live casino? You can wander at will, try what you fancy. Always a good idea to check minimum bets and keep an eye on your bankroll, but there is nothing else to stop you from trying them all.

If you are new to gaming, maybe stick to the digital RNG games at first, especially the table games. These are not only great fun, but they are a great way to learn a game, practice some strategies and improve your skill before you head, at least once, to the live casino interactive fun. Playing to win? Check out the volatility and RTP of the games you fancy.


Is Volatility & RTP Important When Selecting A Game To Play

Volatility and RTP provide vital information on a casino game. Information that helps you decide your playing strategies and budget. Volatility, also known as variance, indicates the risk factor of a game. Volatility indicates a game's payout rate and how large it could be. There is low, medium and high volatility. Low being small but frequent payouts, high indicates big payouts but not as frequently, and medium falls in-between.

Return To Player, RTP, tells you the percentage of return to a player, this will never be 100% as casinos are in business to make money! However, it is a good indicator of a game's payout. The higher the percentage, the better the payouts. It is a useful guide, especially when considering slots. Its recommended you do not play at any game below 96%.